Equipe médica
17 DE AGOSTO DE 2022 - SALA 1

09:00     Opening of the Meeting

Antiretroviral Therapy 2022 - State of ART Plenary Lectures

Chair: Mauro Schechter

09:10     Highlights of IAS - Claudia Cortes, MD

09:35     Resistance Considerations in Choice of Regimen - Pablo Tebas, MD

10:00     Pharmacological Considerations in Choice of Regimen - Ethel D. Weld, MD, PhD

10:25     Toxicity & Adherence Considerations in Choice of Regimen - Maria Luisa Alcaide, MD, FIDSA

10:50     Discussion          

11:00     Coffee Break    


Starting and Switching Antiretroviral Therapy in 2022    

Chair: Tânia Vergara                     

11:30     Update on Therapeutic Options for Starting and Switching - Omar Sued, MSc, MD, PhD

11:55     Considerations in Switching to Newer Regimens in Patients Suppressed on Older Drugs - Luis E. Soto-Ramírez, MD

12:10     HIV Treatment in Children - What Is New? - Cristina Hofer, MD, PhD

12:25     Discussion


12:35     Lunch Break      


Long-Acting Antiretrovirals for HIV Prevention and Treatment

Chair: Tânia Vergara                     

13:35     Update on HIV prevention - the Latest on HPTN 083 - Beatriz Grinsztejn, MD, PhD

14:00     Therapeutic Options for HIV Treatment for Cis/Trans Women - Romina Oliveira, MD

14:25     Clinical Case - Marcio Fernandes, MD

14:40     Discussion

14:50     Coffee Break    


Optimal Care for Underrepresented Populations 

Chair: Mauro Schechter               

15:20     Peculiarities for the Treatment and Prevention of HIV in the Elderly Patient - Rami Kantor, MD

15:45     Current and Evolving Therapeutic Options for Patients with Limited Treatment Options - Ricardo Diaz, MD

16:10     Clinical Case - Tânia Vergara, MD, PhD

16:25     Discussion          


16:35     Closing remarks by the Forum Chairs     

16:45     End of the Meeting