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Registration of papers can only be done through the website. Other ways of submitting abstracts will not be accepted.

Submission Deadline: May/31/2024

Submission Method: Electronic Poster


All selected (Approved) papers must participate at the event venue, being:


The 5 best works will be classified for oral presentation in an exclusive session during the congress and will compete for an Award. There will be space for questions after each presentation.


The remaining approved works will be classified for exhibition as Electronic Posters, without in-person or remote presentation.


Below are the rules for sending ABSTRACTS.


Papers must be written in Portuguese. For foreign participants, works written in English will be accepted. Only papers whose main author and/or presenter is regularly registered at the congress will be accepted.

Mesa de trabalho



1. Rules for preparing and submitting ABSTRACTS:

1.1. ABSTRACTS must have a maximum of 2500 characters, excluding title and keywords. Place paragraphs only in changes from one topic to another.

1.2. Title: it must be succinct, complete, clear and in capital letters and cannot exceed the limit of 200 (two hundred) characters, with spaces. Works identifying the authors and/or institution(s) in the title and/or abstract will be disqualified.


  1. Authors: There is no limit on abstracts per author. There is a limit of 8 (eight) authors per abstract. List them in the desired order of authorship, remember that this order is how it will be listed on the certificate. An author can be configured as main author and/or presenter in up to 4 (four) abstracts. Indicate on the form which of the authors will be the presenter of the work at the event venue. The presenter must be registered for the Congress by July/10/2024.

1.5.ABSTRACTS must contain the following topics: Title, Introduction/Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusions, key words (three in total, using Index Medicus descriptors).

1.6. Works must be classified by subject into:

 HIV/AIDS and other STIs

• COVID-19 

• Viral hepatitis

• Arboviruses

• Other viral diseases

• Tuberculosis and other Mycobacterioses

• Congenital and pediatric infections

• Fungal infections

• Healthcare-associated infections / Hospital Infection Control Commission

• Immunosuppression-related infections

• Diseases caused by Protozoa and Helminths

• Emerging and re-emerging diseases

• Immunizations and Travel Medicine

• Venomous animals

• Community infections

• Miscellaneous

1.7. The works sent must already be completed at the time of submission, expressions such as “The case series will be analyzed and the results will be commented on” are not accepted.


1.8. It is strictly prohibited to mention, directly or indirectly, the name of the authors or the institution where the work was carried out in the body of the abstract, otherwise it will not be accepted for evaluation.


1.9. The work will be evaluated by a Scientific Committee made up of several members. Evaluators will only have access to the file containing the titles of the work and its summary, without knowing its authors and the institution where it was carried out.


1.10. The Congress Scientific Committee will make it available on the website and communicate, via email, to the main author which format the work was selected for presentation.


1.11. Works must be sent electronically, by filling out the forms available on the website of the IX Infectious Diseases Congress of Rio de Janeiro State. No abstract will be accepted after the final submission date, unless the submission date is extended by the Scientific Committee.


1.12. Approval results will be available on the event website.


1.13. Any commercial connection of the work and/or conflict of interest must be mentioned by filling out the table on the form available on the website.


1.14. Changes will be allowed until May 31, 2024. After the submission deadline has passed, it will not be possible to make changes or corrections to the paper.

2. Rules for making POSTERS:​

IMPORTANT: It is mandatory to register the corresponding Responsible Person so that the e-poster is suitable for display in the Congress.

Deadline for registration: July 10, 2024.

The electronic poster must be created using the template provided by the Congress and sent in .PDF format , complying with the specifications below:

Orientation: Vertical (Portrait)

Number of pages: 1 (one)

Maximum file size: 5mb


Deadline for sending the e-poster: July 26, 2024.

The structure of the e-poster is free, with the authors choosing the font, color, number of characters and use of figures at their discretion, but it must contain the following information:


  • Title of the work, identical to the summary that was sent for evaluation;

  • Names of all authors, starting with the main author and then co-authors;

  • Institution(s) of the authors;

  • The figures and tables contained in the works must contain captions and references in the text.


Videos, gifs and interactive objects are not allowed. It is recommended to include illustration elements, such as images, graphs, charts or tables.

The posters will be available on the virtual platform and at the event venue during all days of the Congress, and can be viewed at any time by any participant.

It should be noted that the works approved in the form of electronic posters will not be presented at the event venue, and will only be displayed on totems.

ATTENTION: The e-poster will be sent EXCLUSIVELY electronically, through the corresponding author's restricted area and until the deadline of July 26, 2024 .

Posters sent by email will not be accepted. Files sent after the deadline will be disregarded.

Download the E-Poster template: HERE

3. ​​Rules for preparing Oral Work

The 5 approved works classified as Best Abstracts of the Congress will be presented in the Oral Presentation format.

Presentations must be delivered in PDF format directly to the event venue on the day of their presentation, 1 hour in advance.


Regarding the structure of the presentation of Oral Works, it must contain the title of the work, identical to the summary that was sent for evaluation; Names of all authors, starting with the main author and then co-authors; Institution(s) of the authors;


Figures and tables in the works are accepted and must contain captions and references in the text.

Videos, gifs and interactive objects are allowed, it is recommended to test them at the event venue before presenting them.


The presentation shall contain up to 8 slides.


Further information will be provided in the work acceptance letter.


In the absence of the presenter on the date and time established by the committee for the presentation of the work, the corresponding work certificate will not be issued.

Download the Oral template: HERE

4. ​Certificates

4.1. Only one certificate will be issued per work presented.

4.2 Certificates will be available online directly on the event website.


4.3. The deadline for releasing work certificates is up to 15 days after the Congress.


​4.4. The document will contain the name of all authors. Certificates will be issued according to the data entered in the form at the time of submission of the work, with subsequent changes not being possible. Therefore, careful attention is recommended when submitting works.


4.5. The deadline for congress attendees to access the congress website and download their certificate will be up to 180 days after the end of the event. After this period, the congress attendees loses access to the certificate on the event website and must check it directly on the Society's website.


ATTENTION: The certificate issuance is subject to the sending of the e-poster or presentation of the Oral Work, as well as the completed registration of the Work Presenter.

5. Awards:
The 3 best works presented will be awarded, being:

If you have any questions, please contact:


Executive Department:

Mezcla Events


Cell phone (WhatsApp): + 55 (21) 99752-2726




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